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One of the many conveniences of your private charter flight is flying what you want, where you want, when you want. To ensure your cargo meets Transport Canada’s regulations, see below for information on dangerous goods. Not sure if it can fly? Contact us today.

Dangerous Goods

All dangerous goods must be declared. Carrying these substances may be an offence and may result in prosecution. Whether stowed in checked baggage, in your cabin baggage, or on your person, prohibited goods include: briefcases with alarm devices; gases (including camping gas); corrosives such as mercury or wet cell batteries; explosives such as fireworks and flares; flammable liquids such as lighter fuel or gasoline; flammable solids such as fire lighters and matches; oxidizing substances such as bleaching powder; poisonous and infectious substances; radioactive materials and magnetized materials; electroshock weapons (eg. Tasers) containing dangerous goods such as explosives, compressed gasses, lithium batteries etc.; personal medical oxygen devices that utilize liquid oxygen.


For further information, please contact a Private Air representative.

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