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Aircraft Management Services

How Aircraft Management Works

We won’t settle for merely meeting your expectations.

We’ll exceed them. At Private Air our aircraft management model is ‘whatever you require, we will make it happen’. Owners who allow for chartering maintain full control over the amount the aircraft is chartered. We keep you informed with up-to-date billing information so you can see how revenue offsets fixed cost of operation. When you are ready to upgrade your aircraft, our team is here to help you every step of the way.


Private Air’s aircraft management services are customized to your particular requirements. Through Private Air’s client flight management department, owners have the ability to keep up to date regarding their aircraft’s operating performance and benefit from up-to-date billing information. Revenue earned from charter can positively impact an owner’s fixed cost of operation; but the decision to charter is left entirely to you, the owner. As a private aircraft owner, it’s important to trust your aircraft to the most experienced professionals. Through our aircraft management services, we offer the following:

• Full Service Aircraft Management

• Dedicated flight crew

• Private/Commercial operating authority

• Access to billing information 24/7

• Aircraft maintenance support

• Purchasing and inventory control

• Personal storage to house personal belongings

• 24/7 flight support

• Dedicated contact person

For further information about our aircraft management services, contact a Private Air representative below.