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How it Works

How Management Works

Our management model is simple. We tailor a structured solution that meets your specific requirements. We find out how often you use your aircraft, where you prefer it to be hangared, how much information you require in relation to charter billings. Basically, whatever you need, we’ll make it happen.

How It Works

We won’t settle for merely meeting your expectations. We’ll exceed them.


Private Air offers a broad range of aircraft management services so that you can sit back and enjoy your investment hassle-free. We custom-tailor aircraft management packages for you- whether you want a great return on your investment through charter services of your own aircraft or need the minutiae of day-to-day management covered. Services include but are not limited to:


  • aircraft maintenance
  • crew
  • security
  • aircraft insurance
  • aircraft hangarage
  • fueling
  • catering
  • flight operations
  • pre-purchase inspection
  • technical services
  • invoicing