Private Air | Private Air Launches New Brand
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Private Air Launches New Brand

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Private Air Launches new brand to better reflect current product offerings




Toronto, Ontario: Private Air reveals new-upscale brand to better reflect it’s customer’s level of sophistication.


Logo Elements

Private Air’s visual identity is comprised of the name with the ‘e’ stylized and brought closer to the ‘a’ still keeping a breathing space to portray a private & comfortable feel. Along with the new visual identity, a new tagline or positioning statement has been developed. ‘It’s A Perspective’

During your life, your point of view changes. What were priorities in the past may not be today, time and luxury is relevant? It’s all about perspective.


About Private Air

Private Air was formed in 2008 to address increasing aircraft owner demand to have their aircraft managed, maintained and operated. Levaero Aviation’s depth of knowledge and expertise with respect to private aircraft is unsurpassed. As a a member of the Levaero Group of Companies, Private Air is able to offer its clients direct access to the best resources, the highest standard of maintenance, a reliable pool of highly qualified and regularly trained pilots and end-to-end product support.


About Levaero Aviation

Established more than 18 years, Levaero Aviation Group is the premier Canadian aviation solutions provider. Serving as the exclusive Canadian distributor for the Pilatus PC-12 and PC-24 aircraft, Levaero has continuously grown its offerings. For almost two decades, business leaders and pilots alike have trusted the Levaero team and their collective decades of experience to satisfy their aviation needs.


Levaero specializes in aircraft acquisition and sales, parts and maintenance, and aircraft charter and management services.